Research fields

The Sociology and Anthropology of worship through religious fact-finding on the national and local levels.

  • The main traditional world religions
  • New Religions Movements
  • Death (a field of study addressing among other issues Islamic, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist practices surrounding death, enabling to highlight the traditions, behaviour patterns and methods for regulation of religions communities.)
  • Food
  • Catechism and transmission
  • Endogamy/ exogamy
  • Forms of mysticism, music and therapy
  • The body and the different religions
  • Rituals, Myths and Symbols

Political, legal and ethical sciences

Political Science
  • Religion and politicalculture
  • Religion and ideology
  • Religion and political institutions - Religion and political parties
  • Religion and Globalisation - Religious Geopolitics
  • Religion and colonisation/decolonisation
  • Neo-traditionalisms: strategies and networks (more especially around the Mediterranean sea)
  • The Secularism of the Republic and Cultural /Ritual pluralism
  • Religion, social movements and the repertoires of collective action. - Religion and political competence
  • Religious dçnomination as an eleçtoral variable - Religion and political socialization
  • Religion and minority strategy
The Ethical and Legal Sciences
  • Compared status of forms of worship(Morp especially in France, Europe and the Mediterranean countries)
  • Religion, bipethics and Law - Religion and Human rights - Religion and citizenship
  • Sects and official religions - Inter-religious exchange
  • Internal legislation for religions
  • Religion and the neutrality of Public Service